Translators are often asked how many languages they translate. (Note the “s” in “languages”.) In reality, very few translators work in more than one language pair (beware the ones who say they do…). In Canada, most of them translate from French into English or, more often, from English into French.

The main distinguishing feature between translators is their specialties. And when your document pertains to a specific industry, it’s best to choose translators who are experienced in that field. You probably wouldn’t call a computer expert for financial advice, right? Well, the same goes for translation.

Financial translators are real subject-matter experts. In addition to their language skills, they have knowledge that goes beyond words. They know that IIROC isn’t a sports car and DRIP isn’t just something a leaky faucet does. They understand the fundamentals of finance and financial documents, such as financial statements, MRFPs, economic commentaries, investment fund descriptions, and so on. They understand accounting concepts, are aware of changes in local and international regulations (ah, IFRS!), and are familiar with the wide variety of banking products and services. But, most important of all, they stay on top of developments in the financial sector.

If your business operates in the financial sector and is looking for a top-quality translation firm, make sure it will entrust your documents to an in-house team with the aforementioned skills and qualities.

Before choosing your outsourcing partner, we suggest you verify that:

  • this company will always assign the same team – project managers, translators, editors and proofreaders – to your projects, because this stability is key to producing reliably consistent translations;
  • it has proven, certified quality control procedures to protect your company’s brand image;
  • it makes effective and strategic use of technology, to save you time and money;
  • its customer service team will meet your needs, whatever they may be: fluctuating, high-volume, urgent, complex, etc.

This kind of firm will not only provide services, it will become your true business partner.

TRSB is a translation company that meets all these conditions, and more. Proactive and client-focused, TRSB evolves with your needs, guaranteeing top-quality products and services, every time.