At TRSB, we’re excited about the future. And there’s a whole new generation preparing for that future right now in our universities.

That’s why we’ve forged close ties over the years with the translation and linguistics departments at leading schools like Concordia, Laval, University of Montreal and University of Sherbrooke, where the students of today are the language experts of tomorrow.

Every year, interns join TRSB’s language teams for advanced training on translation tools, feedback on their work, and one-on-one coaching by senior linguists. It’s a great opportunity for them to explore a range of different styles and subjects or to specialize in a particular area of interest.

We also welcome management interns at TRSB. As they interact with the team and work to deadline, they hone their ability to analyze client needs and establish clear lines of communication. They also learn the ins and outs of the translation process and get an inside look at budget issues through the quoting and invoicing process.

A TRSB internship is a vital part of any academic journey. It often firms up career choices. In fact, many high‑potential interns become permanent members of the TRSB family once they complete their studies. It’s an invaluable experience that goes beyond academic training, ushering students into the wide world of professional translation and exposing them to the real-life needs of clients.

We are proud to work with our academic partners to train tomorrow’s rising stars—the dedicated coordinators, managers and language professionals who keep our clients happy and coming back for more.

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