Are you using enough video? Did you know it drives 80% of Internet traffic?

Some companies are still holding back on video. They think it’s too costly. Or technically complicated. Or not really necessary in their line of work. But they’re wrong—we live in a visual world.

When asked, 85% of consumers say they want more video content from the companies they deal with. They love getting fun new recipes from their local grocer but love it even more when they can watch a video of someone making it. They’re grateful for the convenient help button in their software but would prefer to watch a video of someone actually doing what they need to do.

People love video

There’s a reason YouTube, Instagram masterclasses, and other websites that use video are so popular: people love them. Video viewers pay more attention, engage more, remember more, and are more likely to do business with you.

Video is also a great way to talk to employees or recruit new ones. People hear your voice, see your body language, and sense your emotion—and that’s important with all the remote work we do today. Offer a great place to work? Why not make a video saying so in your own heartfelt words?

Ah yes, the words

Unless you’re making a silent video of beauty shots, you’ll need a script. Not a long one (there are no prizes for talking the most), but a carefully written one. This is where word experts like TRSB really earn their keep.

We can help you edit your script so that every word counts. We have marketing experts who know all about tone and style and word choice. And we have subject-matter experts who can explain technologies and processes clearly and precisely. Just ask us for a helping hand.

The more languages the better

Even some of the biggest and most successful international firms—the ones with impressive multilingual websites—sometimes forget to translate their video content. What a lost opportunity that can be.

Consider the global success of Netflix with its multiple language capabilities. Viewers can add subtitling to much of the content or watch dubbed versions. Although the quality is not ideal, people like having a choice of language.

Subtitling, voiceover, dubbing, localization: What does it all mean?

It can all sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you call TRSB. We’ll sit down with you and work out just what you need to do. We’ll explain the steps involved in localization (a fancy term for adjusting content for local audiences) and handle everything for you. You can learn a lot more just by reading this.

It’s also reassuring to know that TRSB has all the in-house expertise you require, whether for transcribing and translating your scripts, securing voice talent, performing recordings, or subtitling video content. Here are a few examples.

Lights, camera, action! There are so many good reasons to do video, we haven’t named them all. Simply put, video is a great way to speak to your target audience, whatever it is and wherever it may be. Let the experts at TRSB help you do it right.