Keeping track of your company’s translation workload can be a challenge, with hundreds of jobs coming in each day from different departments, each of them working independently. We can help.

Our full-stack Web development team can develop custom APIs to streamline and automate workflows through your content management system (CMS).

We also offer our secure, easy-to-use web-based TRSB Portal. It tracks every job from the moment it arrives for translation to final completion, simplifying the work order process and providing full transparency on your translation spend. You can use it to:

  • Request a translation
  • Request a change order
  • Specify data security classification
  • Track work orders
  • Manage your internal review process
  • Manage multiple, targeted deliveries
  • Create workload reports
  • Create expenditure reports
  • Create service level agreement (SLA) reports
  • Manage a project audit trail
  • Manage your translation spend

Access an archive of all previously submitted and translated content

In addition, TRSB Portal:

  • Supports SSO (Single Sign On) as well as self-registration via the web for increased flexibility
  • Is accessible through various operating systems and web browsers, with no installation required
  • Offers a customizable interface and personalized functionalities to meet your requirements
  • Provides secure access to you and your partners, compliant with information security and confidentiality standards

Start Using TRSB Portal