Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving innovation in translation

AI is making strides all over the world in virtually every field, including translation. And let’s face it—the results are often fit for purpose if you’re looking for the gist of a text. However, questions do arise in a business context.

They provide a fast first draft. That boosts productivity, particularly on repetitive or technical texts. They struggle however with the nuance and imagery of advertising and the logic and flow of web posts and sales pitches. People often use machine translations to see if a text is worth having translated professionally.

Are machine translations secure?
Using free web-based translation tools is a risk. They do not guarantee confidentiality. They also do not draw on human expertise and will guess on (or simply skip) anything they can’t retrieve from their database.

How do translators use machine translations?
They use them like architects use 3D modeling—to take the grunt work out of the job and focus on putting the skill in. At TRSB we start with client-specific translation memory tools and terminology databases and combine these with machine translation as appropriate. Then we craft your text with the nuanced perception and understanding that only a human writer can provide.

When is machine translation “good enough”?
For certain types of content and certain low-visibility texts, or when time leaves no other option, machine translation can sometimes do the job. Our technology experts at TRSB have conducted extensive testing to gauge performance and can direct you to the right solution.

When being “good enough” is not good enough

Nobody wants a corporate website that’s just “okay.” Or legal documents that are “about right.” At TRSB, we take your text to where you need it to be . To connect with the public. To enhance your corporate image. To explain issues simply and with sensitivity. Our translation experts add that human touch.

Is your text an email to a colleague? No doubt they’ll excuse any machine translation lapses. If you can catch errors yourself, have a read through. Or ask us to take a look.

Is your text an internal memo to staff? This is not the stuff of literature, but you need to be understood. And your colleagues expect you to write clearly. Have your text edited, but no need for a masterpiece.

Is your text an academic article? Don’t rely on a machine translation (or your own skills, however good). You need a subject-matter expert and a language expert, or someone who is both. Your reputation and career are at stake.

Is your text highly technical? Our memory tools combined with machine translation will speed things up quite a bit, because they take the slog out of research. But you’ll still need a translator to go over the final version.

Is your text an ad or a social media post? You can get yourself in big trouble with machine translations. We have stories to tell!

Do you just want to understand the gist? A machine translation is fine. You can decide afterward if you need someone to polish it for you.

We also use state-of-the-art translation memory tools

We don’t just draw on information in a cloud somewhere to come up with a first draft. We use a translation database specific to your business. Your job titles. Your lingo. Your preferences. Every document you’ve produced is stored and referenced to enhance consistency and speed. That’s the kind of in-depth experience and technical expertise you need.

We work with all major computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each one and we use that knowledge to deliver only the best results.

Training, support, and advice

We set everything up so your translation memories and terminology databases are efficiently managed and populated.

Online terminology hosting

As an added benefit, we’ll host your terminology database online so that you can view or edit it in real time.

The pièce de résistance: Our translators

The real magic happens when you put all these tools in the hands of experienced translators and get them working together in specialized, industry- and client specific teams . It also comes from providing regular training and nurturing a culture of excellence. At TRSB, we believe that’s the key: powering translation technology with human expertise.

We use the tools that are right for you