Tired of wasting your time fixing typos and inconsistencies? Do you have piles of files sitting around that need a thorough quality review? Leave it all to us. We help clients like you every day by providing a range of quality assurance services, from proofreading and copy-editing services to translation auditing and linguistic validation.



You work for an accounting firm, and your translation team is down by a few members due to illness and summer vacation, but you must submit multilingual documentation on time or face hefty penalties. You have thousands of pages to review, edit, and proofread before the end of the month. Who do you turn to for help?


As a long-time collaborator and partner of many national and international accounting firms, we have often lent a hand in times of crisis. Already experienced in regulatory documentation and accounting, we have a scalable team of proofreaders and editors specialized in financial data and disclosure. In the context of this particular challenge, thanks to our flexible approach and in-house experts, we were able to quickly assign a team of specialized proofreaders and an experienced project manager to take on the urgent project, with team members working round the clock in shifts. Applying various tools and techniques acquired throughout our years of experience, we were able to ensure that all of the documentation was delivered progressively and that each batch was clearly identified, annotated, and linguistically consistent throughout. With very little lead time, our agile yet highly methodical process helped alleviate the accounting firm’s workload, allowing them to focus on their core business. The firm continues to turn to us in times of need, and we are always there to answer their call.

Here are some examples of how we help our clients with quality issues:

  • A company in the engineering sector needed an objective third party to review the translation output of its internal department as well as its multiple vendors. We worked closely with the client teams to identify their needs and learn the company’s preferred style and tone, provided a full review of 2,000 files comprised of 750,000 words of technical content in French and Spanish, highlighting changes that were actual errors and flagging areas that could be improved stylistically.
  • A website manager at a large international bank needed to verify that a complex, multilingual website, which was being refreshed, had been correctly adapted in the target languages. The timeline was extremely tight, and the content was far from static. We reviewed and validated all the pages, managing all the source content change orders, and produced a 100-page bug report detailing the items that did not match the new site. This enabled the web designers to take the appropriate corrective action and get the new localized versions of the site ready in time for the simultaneous launch date.
  • A client that offers customer loyalty rewards needed urgent help revising and updating its 350-page French and Spanish catalogues, set for publication in less than a week. By assembling a special team of terminologists and senior copy-editors, in conjunction with the desktop publishing department, we produced copy-edited and print-ready catalogues in time for the distribution deadline.