Digital media is fast becoming a vital component in the realm of client communications.

Companies often have webcasts or videos on their corporate sites to help convey their ideas and promote their services. Read our blog on that matter here.

Working with professional studios and acting talent, we can help you drive value in all of your multimedia communications, regardless of the language. Here are a few examples of what we can do.

  • A large investment firm had its annual, two-day town hall meeting, with over 20 guest speakers and a great many speeches. The client needed to have all of the materials archived and available in both official languages, and it had to be done rapidly and on a very tight budget. Using specialized tools and technologies, we transcribed all of the sound files, rapidly translated the scripts, and then narrated and recorded each of the speeches in studio. The client was able to provide its stakeholders with a bilingual version of the meeting and saved close to 25% by choosing TRSB.
  • A major Canadian bank decided to create a bi-weekly webcast on the latest economic events and investment trends. We transcribed and translated the highly publicized webcasts and then, using a specialized captioning tool, created a subtitled video ready for streaming. The video was such a success that the bank decided to add another 50 videos to its annual programming.
  • A pharmaceutical company had created a series of training videos in Flash for their sales representatives. The files needed to be extracted, transcribed, and translated into French and Spanish for North America. We then went into the studio to do the narration and visuals. The company was so happy with the end product that it used the TRSB-produced training videos at its annual North American sales conference.

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