On behalf of the marketing team, we’d like to express our appreciation for the fantastic work that you have been doing, by going above and beyond the mandate, and ensuring that all versions of our deliverables adhere to the highest quality standards.” 
Marketing Specialist in a Life Insurance company

Marketing content is in a league of its own—so much so that we’ve created a special division for it: Anglocom. We don’t just translate words. We translate emotions. Let Anglocom give your brand the copywriter’s touch, so you truly connect to your target market.



Your company plans to enter the Canadian market and needs to tailor its communications to this new demographic, which means a large volume of documentation will need to be translated into French, including a very high profile ad campaign. You don’t speak a word of French, and you don’t know where to begin. You need help, but who do you turn to?
Marketing Adaptation


Our client, a retailer of electronic products, had no presence in the Quebec market. We met with the client to gain a better understanding of their objectives, went over the marketing brief and the ad campaign details, as well as all of the collateral and supporting documents. A translation team leader and project manager were assigned to the customer and began to construct a comprehensive schedule with milestones. We started the brainstorming process for the advertising materials and provided an initial proposal containing the rationale and literal back-translation so that the customer could understand the impact of each of our suggestions. We held numerous conference calls with the marketing team to discuss the overall tone and feel of the French campaign, making sure it was in line with the company’s brand and target, and we helped to coordinate with legal counsel to ensure full compliance with Quebec laws.

Adapting English ideas to a rather unique French culture requires a deep understanding of the language and culture. TRSB has 35 years of experience integrating brands into the Quebec market, and an intimate understanding of how to resonate with the French-speaking consumer. Put your marketing in the hands of a trusted, professional firm that will add value to all your communications and help you reach your target audience.

Here are some recent examples of clients we’ve helped with these needs:

  • An investment firm needed help finding culturally appropriate taglines for its North and South American markets. We guided them through a phased process, working closely with the stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their marketing objectives and their vision, and then came up with a selection of slogans in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, complete with in-country feedback from focus groups, thereby allowing the client to make the final call.
  • An American clothing retailer with more than 1,000 employees had already selected a tagline using its local in-country teams but wanted local market feedback for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. We obtained feedback from senior team members in each of the target markets, detailing the risks and nuances of the adapted taglines. The company adjusted its taglines accordingly, and the campaign was a success.
  • A marketing director at a major Canadian financial institution needed some new creative concepts for a campaign that was being extended across the country and into Quebec. Using our in-depth knowledge of French Canadian culture, we provided the client with over a dozen creative concepts, along with detailed descriptions in English of the subtleties in tone and nuance of each concept, so that the Canadian marketing team could make the final decision.