Neural machine translation (NMT) is a productivity tool that streamlines the translation process. It can locate obscure terminology or retranslate common expressions in a flash.

Boon or bust?

Machine translation output can be surprisingly good—or frustratingly bad. Using unedited output is like going to court without a lawyer or watching only shows that an algorithm suggests. You may win your case or love the show, but things can also go dramatically wrong.

Postediting is key

Postediting is the step AFTER machine output. A human translator reviews the text for accuracy and readability, checking facts, removing bias, adjusting tone, and making any required cultural adaptations.

Types of postediting

You can postedit a little or a lot. TRSB can help you decide, taking different approaches to different kinds of texts. Here’s an overview:

I just want to know what is being said

Pure machine output is valuable in contexts where there are big amounts of text to translate and quality is not a consideration. That’s what you get when you click on “translate” buttons on social media platforms (for example, to read a restaurant review or understand a post in another language). The result can sound odd or be hard to follow, but it provides a general idea.

My text is low profile

For texts that will be read by few people or serve a limited purpose, machine output with a light edit might be enough. It’s not literature—you just want people to understand. TRSB can help you design the ideal quality control process for your needs.

I have a large volume of texts to translate

Your volume and deadline may be too much for a human to handle. We will help you perform a targeted risk management analysis to identify those texts requiring direct human intervention.

I have a regular business text to translate

Results are patchy, but it’s almost always faster to use machine translation for the first draft. The translator will fact-check and edit the output and provide you with a final draft that’s accurate, idiomatic, and easy to read.

I have a business-critical text to translate

Here, a lot of factors come into play that only a human can navigate. Is the tone right? Are the connotations right? Does the text respect our corporate mission and DNA? Can I make it shorter or easier to understand? Most machine translations will require extensive editing or a complete rewrite.

My text is promotional in nature

For ads, websites, slogans, or other promotional work, forget all about machine translation. You need a creative thinker, like the professionals at TRSB.

At TRSB, we understand the power and potential of neural machine translation and can help you harness the benefits. You’ll save money, get faster results, and maintain quality.