Medical Translation: Safety Comes First



When people think about medical treatment or pharmaceutical products, their primary concerns are safety, effectiveness and quality. When considering a firm to translate the documentation for those treatments or products, shouldn’t you be looking for one that values the same principles? At TRSB, we firmly believe that medical translation is a serious matter and public safety always comes first.

Industry focus

Only a handful of translation firms can truly call themselves specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translation, and TRSB is at their forefront.  With over a hundred years of cumulative experience, we know that medical translation goes beyond mere words. Each of our medical translators has a solid scientific background and understands the notions behind the words on the page. A drug “holiday,” for example, is not translated by “vacances,” and seemingly interchangeable terms like “sepsis” and “septicemia” can be easily mistranslated if not understood in context. It may not be brain surgery, but medical translators need to have excellent knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing, clinical research and bioethics. Without extensive experience in these matters, an unqualified medical translator is like an accident waiting to happen.

Accuracy: a matter of life and death

Even the slightest error in a decimal on a label or a dosage can have dire consequences—mistaking µg for mg can be lethal. TRSB has accordingly developed strict quality control, and any breach in the process is swiftly and effectively addressed. The translation cycle of a product monograph can last a year or more, so meticulously itemized and tested procedures are the only way to ensure that the final result meets Health Canada’s exacting standards.

Custom communications

Whether your target market is medical professionals, pharmaceutical representatives or the general public, TRSB adopts your terminological and linguistic preferences; each promotional piece is loyal to the product or company brand. Our in-house team of translators, editors and graphic designers can assist you with all aspects of your campaign: from economic evaluation reports and informed consent forms to product labels and press releases, TRSB has the expertise to suit all your linguistic needs.