These best practices are like money in the bank—they could even improve the final quality of your translations. Get ready to save!

The Golden Rules

  • Translate only what needs translating
    • Check your text for repetitions, sections that don’t concern the second-language audience, unneeded information, etc.
  • Call on subject-matter experts
    • Mistakes are costly, so make sure your translator knows your subject area. At TRSB, we have separate divisions devoted to different fields of expertise (life sciences, legal, financial & regulatory, telecommunications, marketing, etc.)
  • Provide background
    • Fill the translator in with context: pictures, lexicons, preferences, briefings
    • Provide previously translated material on the same subject
    • Get the big picture at the click of a button with the TRSB client portal. It even tracks your translation spend.
  • Finalize your text first
    • Every extra version adds to the cost and increases the risk of error.
  • Leave enough time
    • The more you rush, the more things can go wrong—and costs can rise.
  • Ask for a quote
    • At TRSB, we’re always happy to tell you ahead of time what it’s going to cost. And we’ll be glad to work with you to identify ways to save.

Save Even More

  • Don’t pay for more quality than you need
    • On some jobs, a machine translation + a quick edit by a subject-matter expert may be all you need.
    • Consult us about how to make post-editing work for you.
  • Outsource your translation work
    • TRSB can do a little, a lot, or all of it. Our turnkey solutions take the worry out of managing translation. Read about it here.
    • Let TRSB handle what it does best—translation—while you focus on your core business.
  • Leverage state-of-the-art tools
    • Translation memory tools and artificial intelligence provide a real productivity and quality boost in the hands of qualified translators. Learn how we help at TRSB.
  • Seek specialized advice
    • At TRSB, we know translation inside out. We leverage the power of artificial intelligence. We know all about Quebec’s language laws. With nearly 40 years of experience, we can provide targeted advice. Contact us today.