TRSB Portal


Keeping track of the translation workload your company generates can be a challenge, with hundreds of requests generated each day from different departments, each of them working independently.

To track all of your requests, ensure transparency of your translation spending, and simplify the request process, TRSB has developed TRSB Portal, a secure, easy-to-use web-based tool that enables you to:

  • Request a translation
  • Request a change order
  • Track work orders
  • Manage your internal review process
  • Manage multiple, targeted deliveries
  • Create workload reports
  • Create expenditure reports
  • Create service level agreement (SLA) reports
  • Manage a project audit trail

In addition, TRSB Portal:

  • integrates with your e-procurement system or is available via the web for increased flexibility
  • offers customizable interface and functionalities to meet your requirements
  • provides secure access to you and your partners, compliant with information security and confidentiality standards

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