Our Team

Over 200 and going strong, TRSB is proud of its talented, dynamic and experienced language professionals.


Team Picture


When you choose to work with TRSB, the custom-built team dedicated to your projects will include the following:


Mission: Evaluate, plan and allocate

Selected for their knowledge of your industry, and their linguistic and project management experience, they are the linchpin that ensures your needs are met. These highly-trained professionals are your primary point of contact.


Mission: Understand, craft and transform

Selected for their native-language translation skills, their membership in recognized professional associations, and their knowledge of your field of business, they are the craftspeople who render the full meaning of your text in the target language.


Mission: Research, record and regulate

Selected for their expertise in creating glossaries, terminology databases and style guides, they ensure the ongoing consistency of your communications.


Mission: Assess, contribute and advise

Selected for their professional expertise in the relevant area, from economics to nursing, marketing law to transportation risk, they ensure your texts are relevant and up-to-date.


Mission: Assess, pinpoint and revise

Selected for their vast experience in the area of specialized translation you require, they develop a special relationship with you in order to master your linguistic and communications environment. They ensure that all your translations are accurate and that the style and tone are appropriate for the target audience.


Mission: Inspect, discern and distinguish

Selected for their background in linguistics, literature and communications, as well as proven proficiency in rapidly identifying errors and inconsistencies, they are the guardians of corporate image.


Mission: Create, manage and maintain

Selected for their combination of linguistic and technological skills, they are masters in the art of computer-assisted translation, creating and managing the translation memories, and finding the best ways to use the various tools to make the process as efficient as possible.


Mission: Appraise, endeavour and solve

Selected for their design capabilities and specialization on either PC or Mac platforms, as well as for their problem-solving skills and command of their native language, they find the layout solution that fits your style.