As one of the largest translation solutions providers in North America, TRSB has developed a variety of policies aimed at maintaining ethical and sound social, environmental, and economic sustainability in all its dealings with employees, external partners, and clients.

TRSB has implemented a Code of Conduct that applies to our entire organization and to all that we do. TRSB believes that all relationships with employees, suppliers, clients, and the community at large should be based on the principles of fair and honest dealings, and encourages transparency in all of its transactions and business dealings.

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TRSB Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

As a Canadian company with a global footprint, wherever we operate, and across every part of our business, we strive to create an inclusive culture in which difference is recognized and valued. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and giving each person the opportunity to contribute their skills, experience, and perspectives; we believe that we are able to deliver the best solutions to challenges and deliver sustainable value for TRSB and its customers.

What diversity and inclusion means for TRSB

  • Embracing workforce diversity – age, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, political beliefs, sexual orientation, physical ability.
  • Valuing diversity of perspective – leveraging the diverse thinking, skills, experience, and working styles of our employees and other stakeholders.
  • Building a flexible organization – providing opportunities for work arrangements that accommodate the diverse needs of individuals at different career and life stages.
  • Respecting stakeholder diversity – developing strong and sustainable relationships with diverse communities, employees, suppliers, governments, and customers.

Why diversity and inclusion are important

We believe that being a diverse and inclusive organization improves business outcomes and will help TRSB to achieve its vision to become the sector-leading translation and localization company. Specifically it helps us to:

  • Make good decisions about how we organize and optimize resources and work by eliminating structural and cultural barriers to working together effectively;
  • Enhance our ability to operate by recognizing, respecting, and taking into account in our decisions, the needs and interests of diverse stakeholders;
  • Deliver strong performance and growth by being able to attract, engage, and retain diverse talent;
  • Innovate by drawing on the diverse perspectives, skills and experience of our employees, and other stakeholders;
  • Adapt and respond effectively to changing market expectations.