When the federal budget comes out each year in April, it’s always a rush to get your analysis translated into French before the markets open.

Here are things you can do today to get ready. You’ll be more efficient—and a lot less stressed!

Send a heads up to your translation team, ideally at least one month in advance. That way you can be sure that our experienced translators are standing by and ready when you need them, even outside regular business hours. Also provide the name of the point person on your team along with their email address and phone number.

Plan a kickoff call. This is an opportunity to discuss how you expect things to play out. For instance, it’s helpful to know if you anticipate making changes on the fly. It’s also a good time to double-check phone numbers, so questions get answered right away. Here are some of the questions you should anticipate:

  • Who’s in charge of sending the document to be translated?
  • Who should we call if we have questions?
  • When does the translation need to be delivered and to whom?
  • When can we expect a first draft?
  • How long do you expect the text to be?
  • Should we anticipate receiving updates?
  • What will the format be, so we can inform our tech support team as required?

Provide important instructions. For instance, if questions crop up as we translate, do we contact you or leave a note in the file for you to check when you’re doing your final read-through? As a general rule, we refer to the official government version as we translate to make sure we use the same terminology.

Be in regular touch on budget day and indicate an approximate arrival time for your text. Also provide times for subsequent versions and an idea of how extensive the changes may be, to keep the translation team in the loop.

Acknowledge receipt of the translated text once delivered.

There you have it—the perfect game plan for a flawless French translation of your budget analysis. Now all you have to do is contact us at TRSB to get the ball in play!